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Santosh Choudhary

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 07:17

Ecuador is situated on the Equator in the South American Continent. Ecuador derives its name from Equator.

It is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world. In a very small territory you will find glaciers, as in the poles, active volcanoes, tropical jungles, deserts, temperate valleys, calm or rough seas, huge rivers, splendid waterfalls, and, last but not least, the Enchanted Islands, actual laboratories of biological evolution.

Ecuador is a magnificent country offering visitors a wealth of experiences during their stay. Tourists can explore the Amazon Jungle in Eastern Ecuador, discover Incan Ruins and the Andes Mountains in La Sierra, relax on the extraordinary beaches on the Pacific Coast and marvel at the spectacular tropical landscape of the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador's Galapagos Islands have been described as a modern Garden of Eden. The Islands are the tips of enormous underwater volcanoes and the wildlife inhabiting these peaks is amazing and abundant. La Sierra is the most visited area of Ecuador where tourists can wander round the beautiful markets, explore Inca ruins and hike in the glorious National Parks. If it's a beach experience you're looking for, Ecuador has something for everyone. From the wet, wild and relatively undiscovered North Coast to the drier beach resorts on the Central and Southern Coasts and all the fishing villages and forests in between, there is a beach to suit every need.

Ecuador has the world’s highest concentrations of flora and fauna. Ecuador has world records in the amount of birds per territorial unit (over 1 630 species) and in the amount of butterflies (over 2 700 species of day-flying butterflies.) It probably reaches a similar record with orchids as well.

Languages spoken in Ecuador are Spanish, Quechua and other indigenous languages.  English is commonly spoken as a second language.  US Dollar is widely accepted throughout the Country.

Ecuador’s Capital City Quito can be reached through air from many Latin, Central and North American Countries and also from many European Cities.

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