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Monday, March 25, 2013, 22:21

French Guiana is an overseas region of France on the North Atlantic coast of South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west.

Though sharing cultural affinities with the French-speaking territories of the Caribbean, French Guinea is often not considered to be part of that geographic region, because the Caribbean Sea is located several hundred kilometers away to the west, beyond the arc of the Lesser Antilles.

Several small islands are found off the coast of French Guinea, the three Îles du Salut (Islands of Health) which include Devil's Island, and the isolated Îles du Connétable bird sanctuary further along the coast towards Brazil.

A large part of the French Guineas economy derives from the presence of the Guiana Space Centre, now the European Space Agency's primary launch site near the equator.

French Guiana is home to many unique and important ecosystems: tropical rainforests, coastal mangroves, savannahs, inselbergs and many types of wetlands. French Guiana has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in terms of both flora and fauna. This is due to the presence of old-growth forests (i.e., ancient/primary forests), which are biodiversity hotspots. The rainforests of French Guiana provide shelter for many species during dry periods and terrestrial glaciation. These forests are protected by a national park (the Guiana Amazonian Park) and six additional nature reserves.

5,500 plant species are recorded, including more than a thousand trees, along with 700 species of birds, 177 species of mammals, over 500 species of fish including 45% of which are endemic and 109 species of amphibians. The micro-organisms would be much more numerous, especially in the north, which competes with the Brazilian Amazon, Borneo and Sumatra. This single French department has at least 98% of vertebrate fauna and 96% of vascular plants as found in all of France and its overseas territories.

French Guiana’s rivers flow through the heart of the equatorial forest and provide the only natural routes for exploring Amazonia and the immensity of the forest—an incredible and well-preserved wilderness environment.

Whether you like easy hikes or are a seasoned trekker, French Guiana offers just what you’re looking for. New experiences, the immensity of the forest, and a wide range of itineraries: all the elements are there to intensify your pleasure and leave you with wonderful memories.

On your own or with others, take off at the wheel of your own rental car for adventure on the roads of French Guiana and treat yourself to your most wonderful vacation. Explore Cayenne and its museums, traditional restaurants, and markets of a thousand and one scents. In Kourou, visit the gigantic facilities of the Guiana Space Centre and enjoy the space museum and the old town.

Off the coast, you’ll find the Îles du Salut (Salvation Islands), for an unforgettable excursion combining relaxation and a change of scene. Back on the road; stop off at Awala-Yalimapo to see the leatherback turtles, the largest sea turtles in the world. After this magnificent spectacle, take a break and then head for Saint-Laurent to explore its incredible human heritage, the remains of the penal administration and, of course, French Guiana’s king of rivers, the Maroni.

French Guiana enjoys an equatorial climate. It’s hot, but quite comfortable, thanks to the trade winds that constantly blow along the coast.

Cayenne is the Capital City of French Guinea and is about 8½-hour direct flight from France. Euro is the official currency of French Guinea

Situated in the centre of Cayenne between the central market and famous 'Place des Palmistes', Hotel Ker Alberte is an Authentic Creole House which has been transformed into a Luxury Hotel. It provides a harmonious alliance between tradition and modernity. Come and discover its 12 luxurious rooms which have been personally decorated with the colours of the Amazon to give guests a real feel of Guiana.

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