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Monday, June 17, 2013, 01:43
Welcome to Moldova - Republic of Moldova, a former Soviet Republic is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe located between Romania to the West and Ukraine to the North, East and South.

Moldova is a Country where “Dreams come True”, a Place where “Fairy Tales Turn into Reality” and a Place with a “Peaceful and Unhurried Pace of Life” - Old Monasteries, Slumberous Forests, Famous Vineyards and cellars, Endless Hills covered with Forests, Green and Tranquil Country Side, Intermittent Orchards and Golden Wheat Fields, Mint, Sage and Rose Plantations, Clear Skies and Bright Sunshine endow Moldova with Unique Colors which give a Special Charm to this Country and render an unforgettable impressions to those who have Visited it even once.

The Republic of Moldova is an Amalgam of many Nationalities and Cultures with many Traditions, Languages, Folklore, Cooking, etc. There are over 880 Folk Music Groups in the Republic of Moldova, most of them reflecting the distinct Traditions of their Districts and Ethnic Origins.

Moldova has 87 Museums with rich collections of Art. Additionally, museums are mostly housed in buildings of a special architectural importance. All of these have their specialist audiences, but at least 20 are of interest to the general public.
Part of the national tourist product is the variety of cultures represented in different parts of the country.

Moldovans have a love of tradition and their rich history is preserved even today in ancient fortresses, exquisitely decorated churches and living monasteries. Moldova’s folklore is widely celebrated in music and dance. Contemporary arts and contemporary music also attract a large and passionate following. Jazz, classical concerts and musical events take place frequently … after all music makes a great excuse for gathering with friends, for wine, for food, and for love.

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a very modern green and cozy town in the center of the country. In Chisinau, you can stroll through one of the capital city's many leafy green parks and learn about brave Prince Stefan, the noble symbol of Moldova's medieval past. Not far from the city you can visit the vineyards of Cricova, where you can sample some of the wine varietals for which Moldova is becoming increasingly famous. Other thing worth doing is to take a pilgrimage to Orheiul Vechi, arguably Moldova's most fantastic sight. The monastery was carved into a limestone cliff perched above the Raut River during the 14th century, and was inhabited by monks for over 500 years.

Cahul, two hours from Chisinau, has restorative thermal spas, while Milestii Mici is home to an astonishing underground city of wine cellars stretching 120km (80 miles) below the city.

Moldova's climate is moderately continental: the summers are warm and long, with temperatures averaging about 20 °C (68 °F), and the winters are relatively mild and dry.

The Moldovian currency is Moldovian Leu and The country’s capital, Chisinau is connected through the regular flights of the State Company "Air Moldova" and charter flights with many European Capital Cities.

Hotel Luna with 19 Comfortable Rooms is situated in the center of the Capital City Chisinau.